Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vegas Girls Trip! Day 3

Much more ridiculousness.

My love for giant Boba

Raegyn's love for giant Reese's

We went to the Ethel M chocolate factory (as they were changing shifts... so all we saw was cleanup and then set up....uh..) & they had a cactus garden! 

trying to look effortlessly balanced, not like I'm terrified of falling into a giant cactus.

We also went on The High Roller. At 550 feet it is the world's tallest observation wheel!

We went at sunset which led to very pretty pics and view.

Rae got called out for audience participation. You can see on her face that she was bit unsure because she tends to be a bit "rhythmically challenged". The entire group ended up sneaking back into the restaurant and leaving her to drum alone.

We of course had to make a stop to Fremont Street

It's kind of hard to see but there were people ziplining right over our heads!

This trip to Vegas was a total blast! It was really great to get away with just the girls and make great memories!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Vegas Girls Trip! Day 1&2

<< 15 & 21 >>
 On August 25th my RaegyBaby turned 21!
We planned a little girls trip to Las Vegas to celebrate!

 We spent most of our time just walking around and being ridiculous.

Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity3 (overrated and disappointing)

 Raegyn waited until her 21st birthday to have her first alcoholic drink, so right at midnight she got put on stage at the piano bar we were at. She was handed her first drink and serenaded by this guy (and the whole bar).

 We also stopped by the Sprinkles 24 hour cupcake Atm! I got chocolate marshmallow and she got red velvet both were super delicious!

Hash House A Go-go for breakfast. Always A+

With her sash and tiara she got bunches of birthday wishes from everyone.

We went to the Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil and it was incredible, and terrifying, and overwhelming... all in a good way.

Tree pose contest.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Bra Lady

I've had a few people ask me what exactly does it mean when I say I’m a Bra Lady. Basically I am independent rep for Essential Bodywear, a professional bra fitter. You've probably heard that 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, and it is my goal to have that number radically lowered in the next 10 years!

When I was 12 my mom began working in the lingerie department at Nordstrom, that was when I got my very first professional bra fitting. Since then I have been fit over a hundred times, so even as got pregnant, lost weight, been nursing I've always had bras that fit & most importantly I knew how a well fit bra would fit me. Everywhere I went I would see ladies who bras were doing nothing to help them, I could tell they were uncomfortable and insecure. So I began thinking about how I could help. Many times we've had friends over and my mom would fit everyone, and then make sure they had at least one bra that fit them well. That’s when I realized that many women and girls are uncomfortable going to the store to be fit, but when they are surrounded by friends then everyone can have a good time. That led me to a Google search for bra fitting home parties. And that is where I discovered Essential Bodywear. I sent them an inquiry and within a day one lady, Mary, had emailed me back. We sent many emails back and forth and talked on the phone for months before I was ready and able to sign up in March 2014.

So what is is that I do? Basically I’m the bra store that comes to your door! I do private fittings, and home parties. We have fun, get fit, and everyone gets a little bit a bra education all from the comfort of your home (or office!). There are women that try on different shirts/dresses with different bras, others who want the feedback from their trusted friends that they really do look better in this new bra. And it’s easy when I come to you! I’ve also done events at a local Curves fitness center, and one of my goals currently is to work with a Chiropractor. But wait, why a chiropractor? Wearing the right size bra can help your posture, and alleviate the pain and stress on back & shoulders. It’s not just about looking better it’s about feeling better, your bra should be comfortable.

Are you wearing the wrong size? Ask yourself these questions:
Do your shoulder straps fall off your shoulders?
Is your bra uncomfortable?  
Do you jiggle when you move?
Does your bra ride up in the back?  
Do your underwires poke you?
Do your shoulder straps dig in or fall down?
Are you constantly pulling at your bra?
Are your breasts closer to your belly button than your chin?
Do you find shopping for a bra worse than a root canal? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions you owe it to yourself to be fitted by a trained Essential Bodywear professional! I will give you a FREE and private fitting and can fit sizes from 32A-44H!

Bras serve a purpose and function, to lift, separate, support, and shape breasts. If your bra isn't working for your best interest, it is working against you! Send me a message on facebook or email today for a truly uplifting and life changing experience.  (or find out how you can be a bra lady with me!)