Monday, October 27, 2014

101 goals.

On my birthday in September my 1001 days for 101 goals ended. So let's see how I did!

Completed: (43 total)
1. Go on vacation with Nic-the honeymoon we never had (September '12)
2. Bake a cake from scratch
3. Make a new recipe at least once a week for 3 months (12/12 weeks)
4. Have an all natural delivery (February 1 2013)
13. Hold a tarantula (I held a jar with 2 in it... that's as good as it gets)
14. Take a cooking class 
18. Get over my fear of the dark
19. No fast food for a month (Fall of 2013)
24. Work hard to find my abs (completed p90x3, I'm in the best shape of my life and only getting better!)
25. Go on a wine tour (Went to a winery and to a tequila tour)
31. Sew my own skirt (upcycled a skirt into a dress, with lots of help from my mom)
33. Own a DSLR camera
34. Start our own holiday tradition (Jesus Storybook Bible Advent) 
35. Do my hair everyday for 2 weeks, (no ponytails!) (14/14)
36. Get a new car (preferably a midsize SUV)
38. Sell $1,001 worth of product with Essential Bodywear
39. Throw a surprise party
40. Sponsor a child through Compassion International   We actually decided to sponsor through- (Potter's Field Ministries)
41. Have a designated date night once a month 
42. Lose __ pounds (I still have some more weight I would like to lose, but I'm on my way!)
44. Share my faith with a stranger
46. Take Nic to a concert
48. Campout by the Christmas tree
49. Go to Disneyland (at the very least California) Drove to Long Beach for our cruise.
52. Wash and wax our car by hand
55. Make a snowman with my little family

61. Make homemade pizza
70. Learn to do different braids
71. Make cake pops
72. Dye my hair red (1/02/12)
73. Fill up my picture frame (the big one i got for Christmas '10)
75. Make a list of 101 positive things about myself
79 Potty-train Asher
84. Go on a cruise
85. Be able to do 15 push ups (real pushups-not girly ones)
86. Send Asher an email once a month (1/32)
87 Increase my flexibility (Be able to to place my palms on the floor while standing, and do the splits etc..)
88. Give a 100% tip
89. Get up at 7 am, 7 days in a row
90. Create a cute signature
95. Take a candlelight bubble bath
96. Go through my closet and throw away/donate old clothes (5/5)
99. Get a library card (for our current city)

Still In Progress/Goal for the Future: (41 total)
5. Get at least one massage a month while pregnant (3/9 months) (technically still a goal for the next time I get pregnant)
6. Read the Bible cover to cover (27/66 books)
7. Visit the east coast
8. Go future home planning in Washington state
9. Try Thai food
10. Write out my testimony-the long version (so close, but not finished)
11.Run a half marathon
12. Make 10 crafts to decorate my home (Not quite 10..)
15. Join a book club
20. Host a dinner party
21.Read one book a month (? close to 20/32)
22. Go to Canada
28. Make Asher an ABC book
29. Keep a dream journal for a week
32. Go to a drive-in movie
37. Re-pierce my belly button (I've decided to wait a little longer)
47. Create a family mission statement and frame it
50. Nic get Lasik
51. Take a hot air balloon ride
54. Make 10+ 'I love and appreciate you' gifts for Nic (5/10)
56. Memorize 15 Bible verses (5+/15)
57. Get bikes for Nic & I (and somewhere for our babies to ride)
60. Raise butterlies and release them
63. Chop down our Christmas tree
64. Learn to play an instrument (learning guitar)
68. Write a novel
69. Go to a ball
74. Milk a cow
77. Take ballroom dancing lessons with Nic
91. Make a T-shirt quilt
78. Go skiing or snowboarding
80. Watch Les Miserables
81. Have a tea party
82. Learn to knit
93. Read 'How to tuck in a superhero' & '101 things you should do before your kids leave home'
97. Write 5 letters to 5 people who changed my life (0/5)
98. Spend a day at a spa getting pampered
100. Start school for esthetics (..maybe..)
101. Get a passport

No Longer a Goal: (17 total)
17. Grow my hair to my waist (chopped my hair into a pixie 10/2013)
23. Put away $10 for every goal completed
27. Go on a date in a rented classic car
26. Learn some basic sign language (enough to keep up a simple conversation)
30. Write and record a song with Nic
43. Watch no TV for a week
45. Send anonymous encouraging notes (0/25)
53. Attend a spin class
58. Bike ride up to Bridal Veil falls from the mouth of Provo Canyon
59. Hike to the top of Timp for the sunrise
65. Make Texas Roadhouse rolls
66. Take (and pass) the MBLEX
67. Get my massage license
76. Send 5 postcards via postcrossing (0/5)
83. Make melted crayon art
92. Make a rag rug
94. Go letterboxing (like geo-caching but without a gps)

So in the end I completed about half of my goals. There are many that I still intend to do, plus many many more things I would like to do in the future! Maybe I'll start another list sometime in the future.